James H. F. Roth in Uruguay

It is well documented that Paul and Jean Harris visited Uruguay in April 1936, after spending 10 days in Argentina.

1). The Rotary Club Montevideo received him in a simple regulatory meeting with the presence of the wives of Rotarians which impressed Paul, because according to his own words, he had come to this land with a desire to meet with Rotary in action and that Rotarians forming groups responsible for the activities of Rotarians from our continent.

The following were present among others, the American Minister, the Minister of Germany and President of the Pan American Society of New York, passing through the city.

James H. Roth, the unforgettable Jim, accompanied Paul serving as interpreter.

The well thought out program of oratory ended with a masterful speech by Paul Harris, who brilliantly discoursed on the principles of Rotary and their courage and acceptance in all countries of the world.
At one table sat from our best memory, the founder of the World’s First Rotary Club, Founder of Prime Rotary Club in South America, Prime appointed Governor on this continent and the President of Rotary Club dean in the Southern Hemisphere.

This is a very short extract from a Google translation of a Bulletin dated 24 April 2007 and contained in the web site of the Rotary Club of Montevideo.