The Rotary Platform

Recognizing the commercial basis of modern life as a necessary incident in human evolution, the Rotary Club is organized to express that proper relation between private interest and the fusion of private interests which constitutes society.

To accomplish this purpose more effectively, the principle of limited and representative membership has been adopted, the Rotary Club consisting of one representative from each distinct line of business or profession. Each member is benefited by contact with representative persons engaged in different occupations and is enabled thereby to meet more intelligently the responsibilities of civic and business life.

The basis of club membership insures the representation of all interests and the domination of none, in the consideration of public questions relating to business. On account of its limited membership the Rotary Club does not constitute itself the voice of the entire community on questions of general importance, but its action on such questions is of great influence in advancing the civic and business welfare of the community.

The Rotary Club demands fair dealings, honest methods, and high standards in business. No obligation, actual or implied to influence business exists in Rotary. Election to membership therein is an expression of confidence of the club in the member elected, and of its good will toward him or her. As his or her business is an expression of himself or herself, he or she is expected to actively represent it.

Membership in the Rotary Club is a privilege and an opportunity, and its responsibility demands honest and efficient service and thoughtfulness for one’s fellows.

Service is the basis of all business.
He or she profits most who serves best.

Doug Rudman