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Here you can find RI Presidents, their Themes and Logos.

In the early days, it wasn't common for them to have a theme or logo.
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1920-1921 Estes Snedecor
(Portland, Oregon, USA)
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1921-1922 Crawford McCullough
(Fort William, Ontario, Canada)
None None
1922-1923 Raymond M. Havens
(Kansas City, Missouri, USA)
None None
1923-1924 Guy Gundaker
(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
None None
1924-1925 Everett W. Hill
(Oklahoma City,Oklahoma, USA)
None None
1925-1926 Donald A. Adams
(New Haven, Connecticut, USA)
None None
1926-1927 Harry H. Rogers
(San Antonio, Texas, USA)
None None
1927-1928 Arthur H. Sapp
(Huntington #300, Indiana, USA)
None None
1928-1929 I. B. Tom Sutton
(Tampico, Tamps., Mexico)
None None
1929-1930 M. Eugene Newsom
(Durham, North Carolina, USA)
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