Rotary Radio

Cold time Radio Researchers Group

We are a group of avid fans and listeners of classic radio programs from the Golden Age of Radio. The goal of the Old Time Radio Researchers Group is to preserve old time radio programs from the classic period of radio drama, comedy and variety programming for future generations. Our groups are comprised of over 1,400 volunteers from 12 countries who are working hard to preserve our radio heritage.

Rotary Global History is indebted to OTRR for providing the following series of 1955 radio programs for our world-wide audience. In addition to the programs, there is printed material to accompany each broadcast, marked as PDF files. (These follow up materials were created by Rotary International in 1955, and provided by the Rotary International archives in 2006)

These “mp3” files will take several minutes to open, but will be worth the wait when you begin to listen to Rotary Global History from 1955. Remember that these programs were created in “another time” but you’ll marvel at the wisdom that translates to this present era. (The PDF files are “follow material” to the programs and worth viewing and you might consider opening them to read while listening to the “theater” presentation.)

Please send us your comments about these programs. If you benefited from listening to them, we’d like to know. Also, you may wish to invite others, including non-Rotarians to enjoy these timeless programs.