Historic Wheels





The keen eye will note this Rotary emblem has the wrong number of teeth. That’s because it’s a piece of our local history. My club will be 100 years old next year. We were the 210th Rotary club. This emblem is actually a wooden positive used to make sand molds for casting gears at the Great Western Stove Company in Leavenworth. The company still is in business as Great Western Manufacturing. They don’t make stoves any more. They’ve got a specialty of making sifting screens – especially for old sifting machines that are nearly indestructible, but no longer made. A lot of custom work for Central and South America and the Pacific Rim.

I just like how we tie our club, our town, the world, and our history together in this one artifact.
From RGHF member DG 15/16 John Donova