Wolfgang Ziegler

Presentation to RGHF Senior Historian Dr. Wolfgang Ziegler,

16 November 2006, in Bavaria

The best known Rotary Fellowship in the world is Rotary Global History. The Rotary Global History website has 2000 pages full of information about Rotary Global History and it is the most authoritative source in the world about Rotary Global History. 70,000 Rotarians around the world visit this website every month.

The internet publications “What Paul Harris said” and “Why I am a Rotarian” are read every week by more than 7,000 Rotarians and are quoted at many Rotary meetings around the world.

This material is contributed by dedicated Rotary Historians around the world.

Dr. Wolfgang Ziegler is one of the best of these Rotary Historians. He lives in the German Rotary District 1840, which includes Munich. He is a member of the Ammersee Rotary Club.

On November 16, 2006, Wolfgang received a special 1905 Nickel and was inducted into the “1905 Society” from Rotary Global History. It was presented to him by Matts Ingemanson, who is Past Chairman of Rotary Global History for two years during 2004-2006, including Rotary’s Centennial year. When Rotary celebrated its 100th birthday in Chicago in 2005, Matts was the main speaker at the event. Matts is also one of our RGHF Ambassadors and came all the way from New York to present this award to Wolfgang.


Matts and Wolfgang together in Wolfgang’s Munich apartment with Wolfgang’s artwork in the background. Wolfgang is a prolific photo artist.

Past Chairman 2004-2005 Matts Ingemanson (left) together with 1905 Society Award Recipient Dr. Wolfgang Ziegler (middle) and Past Rotary District Governor Karl-Heintz Günterman (right), who founded 10 new Rotary Clubs during his term as Governor for Rotary District 1840 in Germany.

Wolfgang and Eva in Bavaria

Past RGHF Chairman Matts is putting the 1905 Society Award on a silver chain around Wolfgang’s neck.

Once Karl-Heinz became District 1840 Governor in 1996-97, he started an additional 9 Rotary Clubs during his year as DG. When Karl-Heinz told me about this, I was so impressed that I asked him to write me about this achievemen


Prepared by the district and not verified by Rotary Global History



RGHF Historian Dr. Wolfgang Ziegler (left) in conversation with Matts Ingemanson.

Ziegler with his bound collection of 1911-1960 issues of The Rotarian. He was also elected as a Life Member of RGHF in 2009

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