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Here you can find RI Presidents, their Themes and Logos.

In the early days, it wasn't common for them to have a theme or logo.
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1970-1971 William E. Walk
(Upland, California, USA)
Bridge the Gaps
1971-1972 Ernst G. Breitholtz
(Nybro, Sweden)
Good Will Begins With You
1972-1973 Roy D. Hickman
(Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Let s Take a New Look — And Ac

William C. Carter
(Old Windsor, Berkshire, England)

Member: RC of Battersea, London

A Time for Action
1974-1975 William R. Robbins
(Miami, Florida, USA)
Renew the Spirit of Rotary
1975-1976 Ernesto Imbassahy de Mello
(Rio de Janeiro, RdJ, Brazil)
To Dignify the Human Being
1976-1977 Robert Manchester II
(Youngstown, Ohio, USA)

I Believe in Rotary


1977-1978 W. Jack Davis
(Hamilton, Bermuda)
Serve to Unite Mankind
1978-1979 Clem Renouf
(Nambour, Queensland, Australia)
Reach Out
1979-1980 James L. Bomar, Jr.
(Shelbyville, Tennessee, USA)
Let Service Light the Way