“At last land came to sight, and when we had finished our interviews with customs, health and immigration officers, Charlie Frazier summoned us to the deck where glorious Fujiyama stood revealed to us. Have you ever seen the sun shining on Mt. Rainer from Tacoma or on Mt. Pococatapetl from the City of Mexico? If so, you know how Fujiyama looks from the deck of a ship in the harbor of Yokohama.” *

Paul and Jean Harris arriving in Japan in 1935 on the President Coolidge.

Tokyo, Japan 1935

Paul Harris planting a tree in Tokyo, on the grounds of the Imperial Hotel, as Jean Harris, RI president Robert E. Lee Hill, RI Director Tsunejiro Miyaoka and others look on. The hotel was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Shanghai Rotary Club circa 1930’s

This photo is of the Shanghai Rotary Club, taken in Gordon Park, the site of the “Friendship Tree.”

Photo, courtesy of provisional Rotary Club of Shanghai

Paul Harris in Shanghai, 1935

Paul Harris writes* “On our return to the city I was given the privilege of planting a tree in Gordon Park. Several officials of the city and many Rotarians were present.” Harris traveled to Hawaii, Japan and China in 1935 with the current president of RI, Robert E. Lee Hill of Missouri. RID Tsunejiro Miyaoka, Tokyo was also present.

*Peregrinations, Volume II “We became Pacific-Ocean Minded”, page 45, by Paul P. Harris, President Emeritus of Rotary International, Copyright, 1935 Jean T. Harris – Courtesy of the Rotary International Archives

All photos copyright Rotary International Archives unless noted otherwise.