Board Decision

The second meeting of the RI Board in 2003-04 was held at Rotary World Headquarters in Evanston, Illinois, USA, from 29 September to 3 October 2003. At this meeting, the Board reviewed reports from 13 committees and recorded 117 decisions.

October 2003 Board Meeting


The Board expanded its policy governing the use of the Rotary Marks by RI officers and other Rotary senior leaders. Incoming, current, and past officers of RI and those Rotarians appointed by the president or the Board to serve in various capacities may use the Rotary Marks in printed or electronic publications associated with their role as an RI leader. However, they cannot use the Rotary Marks in conjunction with the trademarks or on the letterhead of any other organization, or for any commercial purpose. When using the Rotary Marks on a website developed in relation to their Rotary leadership role, such individuals must ensure that the website clearly indicates that it is not under RI’s control.


To support membership development and retention, the Board encourages

district governors to organize clubs that appeal to New Generations members and to appoint New Generations sub-committees;

governors-elect to give greater emphasis to membership development discussion when planning PETS;

district Rotary Foundation alumni chairs to pursue alumni as prospective members;

clubs and districts to establish Family of Rotary committees and to implement appropriate membership retention programs;

clubs to devote one meeting to the discussion of membership development and retention issues during August (Membership Month).

Retired persons inducted into active membership in a Rotary club shall use their former profession as their classification, but this will not be counted towards the club’s limit of members in a single classification. Club classification rosters shall not include retired Rotarians.


The Rotary World will now be published four rather than five times annually. It will be produced in January, April, July, and October each year.

THE ROTARIAN magazine will no longer display advertising from organizations that seek donations from Rotarians to support their own humanitarian and educational programs.

When evaluating the benefits of a potential cooperative relationship with another organization, RI will require the organization to demonstrate its financial health by providing annual audited accounts.

Board endorsed the concept of a Rotary Centennial song. Rotarians are encouraged to submit original pieces of music that could serve this purpose to the International Fellowship of Rotarian Musicians by 12 December 2003. The fellowship will make recommendations regarding a centennial song to the Board at its February 2004 meeting.

Board approved the following new Rotary Fellowships:

  • Fellowship of Rotarians for Mine Action;
  • Post Polio Survivors and Associates Fellowship;
  • Rotarian Fellowship for Fighting AIDS;
  • Rotarian Fellowship for Population and Development;
  • Rotarian Fellowship of Quilters and Fiber Artists;
  • Rotary Global History Fellowship (An Internet Project)
  • Organized 11 October 2000 as an independent history project

Rotary fellowships are now required to indemnify and hold harmless RI from any liability arising from their activities and to purchase appropriate liability insurance. Existing fellowships must comply with the new indemnification and insurance requirements by 30 June 2004. The Board also now requires fellowship chairs or administrative heads to be active Rotarians.

The Board encourages district governors to organize district-level fellowship activities with a view to advancing the Object of Rotary.

Source: Rotary International