One of several photos of the huge hydroponics installation at the Chantabury Agriculture College.

A joint venture between the RC Golden Colorado, USA, the RC Taksin Pattaya and the RC Chantanimit, Thailand, with a TRF matching grant and coordinated by Thorand in 2005.

More information and photos can be found on the Golden Colorado web site.

An underwater cleanup arranged and coordinated by Thorand with the predictably efficient support by the crew of the USS Safeguard.
This was conducted in the region of the Mermaids Dive Centre, Pattaya, Thailand. 2005



Rotary Club of Capalaba, Queensland, Australia
Joint Rotary Foundation Matching Grant for Thailand: This Project evolved from the exchange of ideas with Rotarian Peter Thorand from our Sister Club in Thailand in 2004. Peter was constantly working to get projects started and our Club was also prepared to support an overseas project.
Peter identified a need for a water purification/filtration system for a school in Chantaburi, Thailand. The school (Wat Klong Nam Sai School) had no reliable source of clean water for the children. Through Peter’s efforts, he managed to combine the resources of 6 Rotary Clubs – two in Thailand (RC of Taksin–Pattaya & RC of Chantanimit), two in USA (RC of Golden Colorado & RC of Boulder Colorado) and two in Australia (RC of Capalaba Qld and RC of Central Blue Mountains in NSW. Together, these clubs donated US$6700 and US$3000 was donated from District funds of the USA Clubs. The total cost of the project was US$16,050. The Rotary Foundation contributed the balance of US$6350 by way of a matching grant.
This is a great example of the way Rotary can act on an international level.
Rotarian Peter Thorand and his Club will co-ordinate the Project locally to ensure the water purification/filtration system is implemented. A full budget has been prepared on TRF guidelines and reporting requirements must be met.

acknowledgements to RC Capalaba for this report

In 2008, Thorand led a group of Rotary Clubs headed by his own RC Taksin Pattaya into the rebel areas of southern Thailand where extremist insurgents have been responsible for over 3,000 deaths.
Not to be deterred however, he and his fellow Rotarians have been the first outsiders to lead humanitarian work in the area supplying medical aid, school equipment and other necessities to these deserted people of the south. Note the armed guards.

information provided by Peter Thorand and copied from various public sites
researched and posted by RGHF Webmaster, Greg Barlow. April, 2009