RGHF Institute 2010

The celebration of the 10th anniversary of RGHF was the launching pad for the first RGHF Institute. The purpose of the Institute is to find a handful of Rotarians who will dedicate their lives to history, so that thousands more might dedicate their lives to Rotary.

The events in photos and video – Full institute schedule here

Day 1, Sunday 10/10/10

6:00-9:00 PM Welcome Reception and Dinner at the Union League Club


Our “headquarter” and also the place where club Rotary One meets

 Registration, Jack, PDG’s Fred Otto and Geri Appel, and Nevine Abdelkhalek, Egypt.

PRIP Frank Devlyn, Mexico; PDG Sandy Duckworth and Patrick Schauer, USA

Members from different countries, register. Most know each other from our Facebook account.

Bob Gebhard, Frank Devlyn, Ursula & Angie Jimenez, and Ruth Kaplan

Sandra Myers, registers

Founders get their Alumni pins. Jack Selway, Dick McKay, Matts Ingemanson, and PDG Geri Appel

All members received their special alumni pins. Nevine Abdelkhalek, Egypt, left and PRIP
Devlyn, right

Rotary International President and RGHF founder. “eating”

Christodoulos Achilleoudis, Cyprus, tells the story of how his club became a 100% club. Joe Kagle (on the screen) was our president, Dick McKay foreground

Day 2, Monday 10/11/10

At Rotary One Center and Rotary Archive

RGHF board member Stephanie Giordano, the RI Archivist tells of the enormous job she and one assistant do.

A quick look at the RI headquarters 1954-1987

Room 711, also maintained, on the internet by RGHF

We listen and learn

One Rotary Center

Kent is trying Gus Loehrs’s chair.
See the view in windows from 1905

… and look

Titch Harrison, the star of our meeting at ORC. He had actually met Paul.

Paul Harris office

… and look

Titch Harrison, the star of our meeting at ORC

Memories from all over the world

We could have spent days here, we had one hour

Members outside of One Rotary Center

Paul Harris and Ches Perry

Monday evening, 10/11/10

Our RGHF Institute dinner at the Metropolitan ClubWillis Tower (Sears), Chicago 11 October 2010

Nada Mahmassani,
Sandra Myers, PDG Helen Reisler, and Ursula Jimenez

View from the top

PDG Sandy Duckworth and Patrick Schauer

Joe Kagle being interviewed for our documentary

PDG Michael Swinford


NK Gopinath and Kent Vesterberg

PDG Irv Kaplan and Tim Tucker

Ken Lerman and PDG Geri Appel

 PDG Bill and Sue Davis-Hornby

Sue & PDG John Behrendt, Gordon Devlyn, Frank Devlyn, DG Robb Knuepfer

Paul Harris and Ches Perry