James H. F. Roth in Venezuela

This is a Part of our History of Rotary in South America

1). Rotary Club of Valencia

In September 1938 James H. Roth, special representative of Rotary International was in Valencia, Venezuela. There Mr. Roth met here with distinguished residents of Valencia, for the purpose of foundation a Rotary Club in the city, and at that meeting, the local “El Carabobeño” newspaper reported that it was decided to start a Rotary club in the city , at a meeting on September 20th at 9 pm.

On the date and time indicated a large group of guests at office of Dr. Luis Augusto Carvallo, and after the talks usual in such cases, the minutes recorded the following:

“In the city of Valencia, on the 20th day of September of the year 1938, at 9 pm in order to organize a Rotary Club of Valencia, we met in the local office of Dr. Luiz Augusto Carvallo. Those present were: Hermógenes Lopez, Dr. Jorge Lizarraga, Dr. Ernesto Stelinger. Dr. Bello Miguel Rodriguez, Francisco Alvarado Escorihuela, Jose Antonio Arp. Luis Alejandro Gonzalez, Julian Rararn, Jesus Mendoza Marcano, Dr. Ratoncaro and Dr Victor. Luiz Augusto Carvallo .

Then they proceeded to elect the board of directors, with the following results:

President – Mr Francisco Alvarado Escorihuela:

Vice-President – Dr. Jorge Lizarraga,

Secretary – Dr. Carvallo and Dr Luis Augusto Ernesto Stelling;

Treasurer – Lord Jesus Mendoza Marcano ;

Master at Arms – Mr. Luis Alejandro Gonzalez;

Chairman – Dr. Temistocles Lopez.

The inaugural meeting of Rotary Club of Valencia took place on 28 the same month of September 1938, at 7.30 at night at Hotel German which operated in the Plaza Bolivar in the city, and among many guests attending were the following Rotary members:- Francisco Alvarado Escorunuelas, Dr. Luis Augusto Carvallo, Dr. Ernesto Stelling, Dr. Francisco Ignacio Romero, Dr. Temistocles Lopez, Dr. Victor Rotondaro, Dr. Jorge Lizarraga, Dr. Tulio Valery, and from chambers were Manuel Salvador Barrero and Madam Lópes, and gentlemen JM Mendoza, Jose Antonio Arp. Francisco Virale, Luis Alejandro González, Hector Tosta, Julian Karan, Felipe Borges, Ricardo Degwitz, PV Oropeza, Carlos Duarte and Colonel Celestino Hernández.

The Rotary Club of Valencia was admitted to Rotary International on October 5, 1938, signed by George C. Hager and R. Chesley Perry then president and secretary of Rotary International.

This history was copied and edited, from a Google translation of the History page of the web site for the Rotary Club of Valencia.

2). Rotary Club of Guayra

On 20 February 1942, under the auspices of the Rotary Club Caracas (our club Godfather), its President Emilio Rivas, in the company of fellow district governor Mario Belloso, and the representative of Rotary International, James Roth who was in transit from Caracas, the Rotary Club of Guayra began the procedures to formalise its creation, crystallizing the dreams and aspirations of of fellow Rotarian Posse Rivas Escobar and Saluzzo, who devoted their every effort to that objective in order to ensure the unity and friendship in our community.

On 07 March 1942 the club was formally incorporated.