James Roth in Ecuador



In 1933, Rodolfo Baquerizo Moreno founded the first club of Ecuador, the Rotary Club of Guayaquil, taking advantage of the stay of international Commissioner James H. Roth to sign the Constitution during the luncheon that was offered in the lounge of Fortich.
In the early months of 1933 Moreno met the Governor of Guayas during an interchange of ideas with Dr. Abelardo Moncayo.

Moreno then joined the Ministry of Government, a position he held until Dr. Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra in 1934.

James H. Roth at his home in Ventura, California, USA, showing his two decorations, the Order of Knight of Cruzeiro do Sul received from the Brazilian government in September 1947, and the decoration he received in Ecuador.

This brief history was extracted and edited from the Google translation of the “Biographic Dictionary of Ecuador” in a tribute to Rodolfo Baquerizo Moreno

Rotary Club of Quito

Immediately after establishing this club, the next day, Mr James Roth embarked on the train linking our main port with the city of Quito, and after two days of travel and giving due notice, the Rotary Club of Quito, a meeting was held on Saturday May 28, 1927, in the main hall (there is a plaque at the site) of the Metropolitan Hotel, located south eastern corner of Independence Square, still the central square of the city.

From the minutes of the meeting of foundation, it appears that there were meetings prior to explain the principles and objectives of this new organization.

They are also twenty-five founding partners of the Club: Dr. Humberto Albornoz; Miguel Angel Albornoz; Dr. Benigno Cave Manuel Garcia; Eng. Carlos Alvarez; Luciano Andrade Marin; Isaac Abo; Luis A. Baez, Julio Bunque; Manuel Cabeza de Vaca; Dr. Cousin Francisco; James Gillespie; Enrique Holguin; Carlos Mateus Market; Eng. Manuel Navarro, Julio Miguel Paez; Fernando Perez Pallares, Alberto Puig Arosemena; Riofrío Edward P.; Dr. Antonino Saenz; Dr. Eduardo Salazar Gomez; Dr. Pablo Arturo Suarez, Manuel Angulo Tobar; Eng. Troy Abel; Jacobo Vorbeck; Teófilo Vivar Cave.

According to the Rotary rules, this initial group nominated seven directors, among them was elected as President, Dr. Humberto Albornoz and then the following dignitaries:
Vice-President, Dr. Antonino Saenz; Secretary, Dr. Eduardo Salazar Gomez; 2nd Secretary, Miguel Angel Albornoz, and Treasurer, Dr. Benigno Cave Manuel Garcia; Directors: Dr. Francisco cousin and Julio Miguel Paez.

The date of the charter of the Rotary Club of Quito is the same as the Rotary Club of Guayaquil, July 13, 1927 and the two were signed by the President of Rotary International Mr Arthur H. Sapp, Indiana, USA

Mr. Rotary International residing at the time in our country, he was also responsible for the creation of several other clubs in our country during the next few years.

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