The majority of these items appear to have come from the private collection of 1987/88 RI President Charles C. Keller
and were auctioned in February 2009, as noted below. Others have been found at internet sites around the world

Acknowledgements and sincere gratitude to “Three Rivers Auction Company”, Washington, Pennsylvania
researched and posted by RGHF Webmaster Greg Barlow. May 2009.

Acknowledgements also to RGHF Senior Historian Dr. Wolfgang Ziegler

Rotary Clock from Finland From Helsinki, Jan. 24, 1987. With a card from Ennu Astikainen, Managing Director of Finnennu Oy in Savonlinna

Asian Regional Conference Commemorative Plate Commemorating the 20-23 Sep. 1979 conference in Seoul, Korea.

Music Box with Rotating Gears Plays “It’s a Small World” Wood box with metal gears. Plaque reads; Honor Rotary with Faith & Enthusiasm, Paulo V.C. Costa, President 1990-91.

Commemorative Medal for 75th Anniversary of R.I. From Rome. Covered in 24 carat gold. Image of Paul Harris on one side with the names of various countries and the year of their first Rotary Club. On other side, image of an open hand and “serve” in nine languages. 

Certificate of authenticity number 241

Wallets with Rotary Symbols Brown leather bifold from Morocco with gold trim and Rotary symbol. Black leather bifold with applied rotary symbol in lower left corner

Carved Shell w/ R.I. symbol on Wood from Tahiti

Framed Wood Plaque with Rotary Symbol Blue- dyed birch from France; Black – ebony from India; Gear & Letters – ramin from Singapore; Background – walnut from USA.

Rotary Commemorative Plate Made by Bing & Grondahl, Copenhagen. Limited Edition commemorative plate fro the 75th Anniversary of R. I. 8246/619

Royal Doulton Rotary Plate Rotary symbol in center with the names of all the countries with Rotary Clubs.

Green Onyx Plaque from Arrefices, Argentina Presented to Charles Keller, In recognition and gratitude from the immigrant communities. Received on March 21, 1988.

Model Dragon Boat from Thailand in Display Box Gift from Praphan Hutasingh, Governor of District 335, 1987-88, in Bangkok, Thailand

Decorative Ceramic Plate from Turkey Gift from District 242, 1990-1991. On back “Metin Gini; Special Work; Hand Made; Osmoil Dumanlar”

Brass Medallion from Puerto Rico Gift from the Rotary Club of San Juan.

Presentation Bronze from Portugal For the CEEMA Institute on the Estoril Coast of Portugal, Nov. 28-30, 1986. Bronze is hinged and folds so that it can stand or lay flat. Rotary symbol in central rotates. Signed “Delarnos, ’86”

Brass Covered Container from India Rotary symbol on top with “C.T.; Seeth; District 323” etched on back. Gift from V. Vhidambaram, Governor 1988-89 of District 323 in Madras, India. Card inside box. Container has plastic lid and liner.

Rotary Coverlet from Canada Gift from District 6400. Border is the name of the towns in district and people holding hands.