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Odds & Ends from the pages of The Rotarian from senior historian Dr. Wolfgang Ziegler

Articles from the 1926 issue of The Rotarian Magazine


1921 article by Harris’ brother, Cecil B. Harris

A photo of PH and his message to the RC NY, August 1926

PH with the first president of the RC Hamilton, November 1926

A story about Portland Maine, November 1926

Two charter members, Charlie Newton and Bill Jenson

Odds and Ends from the pages of The Rotarian Magazine contributed by historian Dr. Wolfgang Ziegler

Some interesting “Rotary” products

Be sure to use only Rotary oil for your Rotary engine. Smoking a Rotary cigarette while covered with a Rotary quilt is not such a good idea. 

“Umekichi Yonehama is “the man who took Rotary to Japan”.   August 1934 Issue of The Rotarian

To Rotarian J. R. Geary, of Tokyo, now visiting in the United States, recently fell the pleasant honor of presenting a bronze bust of Yonehama to Paul Harris, founder of Rotary. The figure is made from a photographic process invented in Japan”.

Founder Paul (without coat) and Jean Harris (left foreground) dining aboard a Japanese boat, an incident in their globe-circling Rotary mission.

This obviously contradicts the old saying “Slowly you go everywhere”, see below (from the January 1927 issue of The Rotarian).