Rotary Stamps

1940 RI president Walter D. Head’s signature is in the center of these stamps

Convention Stamp signed by A. de A. Pereira, “Future – Past Pres” of RI, S. Paulo Brazil

Gifts from Havana Rotarians

Leland D. Case, Editor of The Rotarian 1935 – 1950

H. W. Hines of Chicago #1

Chicago #1 signature

RI’s preview* of “50”

Story of 50th stamps

A keepsake and tribute to Harry Ruggles from the 50th year of Rotary

Envelopes from Cuba

2/23 Visa from Cuba

Paul Harris/Chile

Colombia Postcard

Costa Rica

Cuba Official Stamps

Cuba Postcard

German Postcard

Nicaragua (various)

Nicaragua 5 stamps

Paris – Stamp/Paul

Service Above….

Julie Bonet of the Rotary Club of Bulawayo has a Zimbabwean first day cover stamp commemorating Rotary’s 75th anniversary available for sale/auction for Polio/Foundation Interestingly enough,
that same year was when Zimbabwe became Zimbabwe.